Explaination on Jeli District Council Logo


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Moon, Star, Kris, Spear

  • Signifies the official flag of Kelantan

Flower petal

  • Signifies members of Jeli District Council
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Wild Fern Shoots

  • Signifies how Kelantan is rich in woodlands and making agriculture as the main economic source utama


  • Signifies a species of animal that can be found a lot in the forests of Kelantan and is the identity of Kelantan.
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Reng Jeli Mountain

  • Signifies the earth’s surface.

Rays of light

  • Signifies how the Jeli District is developing
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Official color of Jeli District Council Year of establishment for Jeli District Council
Signifies Kelantan State Government under the royal ruling of DYMM Al-Sultan and Her Majesty of Kelantan